A social intranet used by "Great Place To Work" companies.

Just like your workplace, but digital.

The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don't define them...

Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do, and who will be sharing the adventure with them.

-- Denis Waitley (best-seller author).


inTeam is a social intranet that connects a team with their purpose and tools to accomplish them.

No more "I didn't know ..."

What's the name of the new guy?
Does any one knows Kelly's email or phone number?
When's the company day trip?
What were the company's values?
Who speaks italian around here?

Not having the right tools and information at the right time has an important impact in employees productivity.
Create a culture of recognition

People can give each other badges, like
"great work", "best boss", "always on time", etc.

Nothing is worse than you working hard, giving
the very best and no one noticing.

Motivation through recognition is one of the top 5 reasons why employees love their work.
A team with no direction or purpose is not a real team.
  • Your values make teammates fall in love with the team.
  • Your mission makes your teammates know the importance of their job.
  • Your quarterly/yearly objectives make your teammates work in the right direction to reach the team's goals, not only their own.



No team can survive an environment with no communication.

The homepage is a newspaper where people learn what's going on at the office: from new hires to corporate events.

Social network

The enterprise social network enables peer to peer communication.

People should share any news or updates that they think is valuable for the team to know.


Find and contact anyone at the office. Yes, you'll also find that new guy you're thinking about.

Our friendly directory will show more than a simple name, department and extension. Try picture, nickname, seniority, email, manager, skills, and more.

Head Quarters

All teams engage, Next Q is up. - Your company's HQ

Everyone at your company should know your values, mission, purpose, objectives, and year-to-date metrics.

Employee Lounge

80% of employees' questions to HR are the same, stop the madness.

Publish everything an employee has to know about the organization, from employee benefits to .....


Important dates and events, we've got it.

Enjoy our calendar and list view of important company dates such as days-off (yeah!), company events, anniversaries, etc.


Nothing feels better than other people showing their appreciation for your work and effort.

This tool allows coworkers to reward each other with digital badges. When someone gets a badge, his manager and collegues will know, trust us ;)

Complete Profiles

User and cover picture, work experience, job anniversary, contact information, skills, you name it.

All the employee info available in a single screen from mobile and web apps.



Live staff directory with pictures.


People can reward each other with badges.


Remember birthdays and work anniversaries.

Employee Lounge

Employee's site to publish benefits, links and more.

Social Network

Enable people to share their work and opinions.


Publish company news and announcements.

About the Company

Site with company's values, mission & purpose.


Publish company events and important dates.

Institutional Tasks

Assign official tasks to all employees.


Share event and work life pictures.

Organization Chart

Provides a view of how the company is structured.


Enables people to comment on any content.


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